Beyond the Stumps: Boundary A Cricket Manga Adventure

Explore the world of cricket like never before with the latest addition to Cosmics’ lineup, the sports manga “Boundary” This marks the publisher’s second venture into the manga realm, following the success of their original English-language manga, Nirvana.

Boundary Manga
Boundary Manga

Unveiled in November 2023, Boundary is a unique project that aims to capture the essence of cricket, a sport that holds a special place in Indian culture, often considered more than just a game but a cultural phenomenon. While cricket has been a theme in comics, the manga format provides a fresh and unexplored perspective, and Cosmics is eager to bridge this gap.

The creators of Boundary express their passion for cricket, describing it as a game cherished by billions, reaching a transcendent level for those born in India. They emphasize the emotional connection people have with cricket, equating it to a festival and even a religion. The manga, they say, intends to convey the spectrum of feelings associated with cricket, mirroring the depth found in anime and manga.

Wickets and Whirlwinds: The Tale of Boundary

Behind the creation of Boundary is Manush Bharucha, who, during the 2020 lockdown, found solace in anime. Collaborating with his friend Neeraj, a fellow anime and manga enthusiast, they embarked on the journey to create something unique for India.

The storyline of Boundary follows Ishaan and his friends, Adit and Samar, ardent supporters of the Indian cricket team. However, Ishaan holds a contrasting viewpoint, attempting to sway his friends into viewing the Indian team with skepticism, believing that players prioritize fame and money over the purity of the game.

In Ishaan’s eyes, Australia stands as the epitome of dedication to cricket, boasting two consecutive world cup victories and eyeing a third. The plot unfolds with the anticipation of a clash between India and England in the semi-finals, determining the contender to face Australia at the prestigious Wankhede Stadium.

The attention of Cosmics was captivated by Manush and Neeraj’s creation, and despite initial alternative ideas, the duo successfully persuaded the publishing house to prioritize Boundary.

The manga will be accessible in both English and Hindi, with preorders for Chapter 1 set to go live on February 28 on Cosmics’ website. Stay tuned for the unveiling of this groundbreaking fusion of cricket and manga storytelling.

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