Mr. Villain’s Day Off episode 1 BY YUU MORIKAWA

Mr. Villain’s Day Off” is a comedy series that explores the lighter side of an evil supervillain’s life. In Episode 1, we are introduced to a notorious supervillain referred to as “the General.” Normally, he spends the majority of his time concocting wicked schemes to conquer the world. However, on his days off, he reveals a surprisingly softer and more endearing side – a passion for cute pandas.

Mr. Villain’s Day Off
Mr. Villain’s Day Off

The show takes a humorous approach by highlighting the stark contrast between the General’s menacing public persona and his private life, where he indulges in his love for pandas and even explores new ice cream flavors. Despite being a top target for Earth’s defensive unit, the Rangers, who are determined to thwart the evil organization’s plans, the General seems more interested in enjoying his leisure time than plotting world domination.

The central conflict of the episode arises when a Ranger, the General’s natural enemy, discovers his secret hobbies. The question is whether the supervillain’s personal interests will be exposed and potentially jeopardized by the meddling Ranger, who is on a mission to save the Earth. The comedic tension is derived from the unexpected and amusing situation of a villain facing the risk of exposure for his seemingly innocent pastime.

Overall, “Mr. Villain’s Day Off” Episode 1 promises a fresh and charming take on the age-old question of what a villain does during their time off, offering a blend of humor, intrigue, and a unique perspective on the lives of characters typically portrayed as purely evil.


This passage provides information about the release details, platforms, and plot overview of the anime series “Mr. Villain’s Day Off.”

  1. Broadcast in Japan:
  • The first episode of “Mr. Villain’s Day Off” will be broadcast in Japan on Tokyo TV. Additionally, it will be available on other channels such as Osaka TV, BS Nippon TV, and AT-X.
  • The release dates on these channels are as follows:
    • Osaka TV: January 9 at 2 am JST.
    • BS Nippon TV: January 14 at 11 pm JST.
    • AT-X: January 10 at 10 pm JST.
  1. International Streaming:
  • For the international audience, the English-subtitled version of the episodes will be available on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video from January 14.
  • However, these streaming platforms are restricted to select regions, and viewers need to subscribe to the paid services to access the latest episodes.
  1. Anime Plot Overview:
  • The story revolves around an extraterrestrial character known as “the General,” who works for a nefarious organization with the task of planning the destruction of humanity.
  • Despite his sinister role, the General also takes a day off to enjoy simple pleasures. His interests include visiting the zoo to spend time with pandas, buying his favorite ice cream, and shopping for groceries.
  • The narrative highlights the General’s peculiar fascination with pandas and his determination to savor the smaller joys in life, even in the face of opposition from elite combatants.
  1. Expectations for the First Episode:
  • The first episode is expected to set up the plot for the entire season, providing exposition and familiarizing the audience with the series’ setting.
  • Viewers can anticipate gaining insights into the General’s background and understanding his plan to destroy humanity on Earth.
  • The passage suggests a blend of exposition, character development, and humor in the first episode, giving the audience a glimpse into the dual nature of the General’s life.


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