Unveiling the Powerhouses: Top 13 Strongest Characters in Plunderer

Ladies and gentlemen, anime enthusiasts, and power-scaling junkies, gather ’round as we embark on an electrifying journey through the world of Plunderer! This fantastic anime series, filled with action, drama, and a dash of comedic flair, has blessed us with a plethora of intriguing characters. But today, we’re diving deep into the power dynamics to unveil the Top 13 Strongest Characters in this fantastical universe. So, brace yourselves for an adventure where fists fly faster than you can say “power level over 9000!”

Strongest Characters in Plunderer
Strongest Characters in Plunderer

Top 13 Strongest Characters in Plunderer

The Top 13 Strongest Characters of a Plunderer are what I’ll list today. I’ll rank the Top 13 Plunderer Strongest Characters among the characters in this anime since they each have a distinct power style and overwhelming strength.

Famous anime Plunderer was created and illustrated by Suu Minazuki. The plot tells the tale of a world where food shortages are putting humanity in danger of extinction. Overpopulation and technology have corroded the Earth from the inside out.

Humanity launches a war dubbed “Waste War” to restore order. One segment of humanity used the power of Althing to cut themselves off from the inhabitants of the earth after slaughtering the majority of the population.

The Althea Kingdom was the name given to this unexpected land. Three thousand meters above the surface, the Althea Kingdom floats. Newly born residents are unaware of Earth or the Waste War, which took place 300 years ago. The “Count” is in charge of the realm. One becomes more powerful as their count increases.

Please be aware that my ranking is based on a manga that has already concluded. There are a lot of spoilers on the list. Here is a list of the Top 13 Most Powerful Plunderer Characters.

Licht Bach – The Shadowy Enigma:

Strongest Characters in Plunderer
Strongest Characters in Plunderer

Our list kicks off with the one and only Licht Bach, the enigmatic and effortlessly cool protagonist. Licht’s signature move? Moving at the speed of light (yes, you read that right). He’s not only quick on his feet but also quick with a snarky remark. With the power to make the speediest of speedsters jealous, Licht takes the crown as the undisputed Ace of Flashing Strikes in the world of Plunderer. And let’s not forget that charming smirk of his – it could probably melt ice in a snowstorm!

Jail Murdoch – The Iron Ball Man:

Strongest Characters in Plunderer

One of the series’ main characters is Jail Murdoch. He is Alexandrov Grigorovich’s (Commander of the Royal Guards) adopted child. Lieutenant Jail was tasked with capturing Licht Bach. He had the ability to produce and manipulate iron.

The first character in the series to demonstrate that, when up against actual strength, count is meaningless is Jail. The Blood Thirsty Licht Bach (57K Count) was subjugated by him. Jail went alone to battle the 5000 armies & Robert when the Royal Capital was in his hands. Robert was defeated by him by a single count.

Jail repeatedly demonstrated that his conviction is truly his greatest asset and that the count doesn’t really matter. His leadership abilities and commitment to his work have drawn many influential individuals.

Hina – The Invincible Tank:

Hina, the adorable yet ridiculously strong heroine, is next on our list. Armed with a profound sense of justice and the uncanny ability to withstand just about anything, she’s like a human tank. Bonus points for her charming innocence.

Lynn May – The Sharpshooter Extraordinaire:

Lynn May’s sniper skills are so deadly that she can hit a target from a mile away while blindfolded. And that’s just her casual Sunday activity. She’s got nerves of steel and a knack for making impossible shots.

Nana Bassler – The Alchemist Maven:

Strongest Characters in Plunderer

Nana Bassler’s alchemical prowess is as legendary as her never-ending search for delicious food. She can turn the most mundane items into lethal weapons, all while offering culinary critique on the side.

Alexandrov Grigorovich – The Giant Behemoth:

Strongest Characters in Plunderer

Captain Alan, also known as Alexandrov Grigorovich, is one of the series’ most important supporting figures. The Ace of Explosive Strikes, he is. However, as I previously stated, that count does not represent one’s genuine power. According to the series, Alexandrov never fell short against Schmelman Bach in a one-on-one match. It demonstrates how fierce a fighter he was in close quarters.

Alexandrov was appointed the Althea Kingdom’s Royal Guards Commander. He deeply regretted having founded the Althea Kingdom, yet he never treated his position with disdain. Even Firenda feared him since he was the Althea Kingdom’s unbreakable bulwark.

Pele Poporo – The Singing Siren of Destruction:

Pele’s angelic voice belies her terrifying combat abilities. With her song, she can turn people into stone statues. She’s like a one-woman Greek myth, minus the toga.

Schmelman Bach – The Puppet Master:

Schmelman, in contrast to others, received his authority directly from the Althing. He therefore lacked any ballots or counts. Schmelman may also make use of all the capabilities of the other ballots. as they were all his to begin with.

The series’ kindest and purest character is Schmelman. He committed all of his wicked activities in order to make his Class A students happy. Heleaptd through the time, time after time, to achieve the best result. He had little regard for his own physical well-being. He recognized that this entire process had ruined his body and reduced him to nothing more than a corpse.

He nevertheless exerted physical effort in order to make everyone smile. To keep the peace in the world, he even made the decision to give his life. In the series, Schmelman has unmatched fighting skills, battle IQ, skills, and most crucially, instincts. He had excellent battle instincts and reflexes, making him impossible to hit.

He overused his powers, which weakened his body. If not, nobody could ever defeat him. Even Licht conceded that he could never defeat him in his heyday.

Tokikaze Sakai – The Wind Rider:

With the power to control the wind, Tokikaze Sakai can soar through the skies with the grace of an eagle. He’s so good at it that he’s considering a career change to become a professional kite.

Sonohara Mizuka – The Soundwave Siren:

One of the seven aces of the series is Sonohara Mizuka. She is the pursuit’s ace. Her initial count of 16000 might seem quite low, but as an Ace, she can increase that to 32000 when she unlocks her blood thirst mode, and in that form, her battle abilities are substantially improved.

Her abilities are tied to pursuing, as suggested by the name. Any bullet she fires will hit the target because she uses guns as her weapon. It will hunt you no matter where you run or hide. She uses a special flying device and two SMGs to make her aerial fighting style nearly unbeatable. She is unquestionably one of the Top 10 Most Influential Characters of

Firenda – The Surgical Sadist:

Strongest Characters in Plunderer

The series’ primary adversary is Firenda. She planned everything and operated behind the scenes. She had a fixation with owning other people’s possessions and was a mad scientist. She committed theft in order to become herself. She kept track of the things she stole. She took everything from the Abyss residents for 300 years, making her total as high as 10000000.

Her capacity to steal others’ powers was one of her biggest flaws. She was able to take Licht’s Superhuman Reflexes with just a little analysis. It is claimed that Licht’s Superhuman Reflexes were a result of his own talent rather than Schmelman’s DNA. Even Firenda imitated that.

Davi – The Trickster Extraordinaire:

Davi’s cunning and mischievous nature give him an edge in battles where wit and strategy matter. He’s the kind of guy who’d turn a game of chess into a life-or-death showdown.

Douan Taketora – The Immovable Force:

Strongest Characters in Plunderer

Douan Taketora made his first appearance in the first episode of the series as an enemy and bully. But over time, everyone came to see that he is the group’s most compassionate and sincere member. He made a vow to Licht that he would assist him eliminate all of his enemies in order to protect his companions from the dangers of war and to keep them away from the murder.

Considering how strong he is, Douan bases his tally on the number of times he has resisted being defeated. Although Douan’s count appears to be merely 120K, as the Ace of Heavy Strikes, he has the ability to increase it. Even after increasing his counts, Douan is the only one who does not give in to the bloodlust.

Douan tends to use his own power in battle because he does not believe in the borrowed power. However, when he unleashes all of his strength, even his own body is crushed by it. The natural foe of Licht is his gravitational quality. Even Licht was unable to escape from his strongest move, a black hole. He is unquestionably one of the Top 13 Plunderer Characters with the Most Strength.


There you have it, folks! The Top 13 Strongest Characters in Plunderer, a mix of raw power, charisma, and just a sprinkle of quirkiness. Each character brings something unique to the table, making Plunderer a must-watch for any anime fan seeking adrenaline-fueled action and a good dose of humor. So, whether you’re Team Licht or Team Hina, one thing’s for sure – this series packs a punch!

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