Thundercats and Powerpuff Girls Are Back – in Comic Book Style!

Hold onto your capes, folks, because it’s time for a double dose of nostalgia, courtesy of Warner Bros and Dynamite Comics. That’s right, the Thundercats and Powerpuff Girls are coming back, and they’re landing on the comic book pages faster than you can say “Sugar, spice, and everything nice!”

Thundercats and Powerpuff Girls
Thundercats and Powerpuff Girls

Thundercats and Powerpuff Girls Are Back

In a world where reboots and adaptations are as common as cat videos on the internet, Warner Bros and Dynamite Comics have teamed up to give new life to some beloved classics. According to a press release acquired by, Dynamite is the official comic book partner for several Warner Bros properties. We’re talking ThunderCats, The Flintstones, The Powerpuff Girls, Space Ghost, Jonny Quest, The Wizard of Oz, and We Bare Bears. But wait, there’s more to come – because as any comic fan knows, the adventures never truly end.


With a hearty “Thundercats…HO!!!!” Dynamite is all set to unleash the fan-favorite feline superheroes back into the comic book jungle. In a statement about this exciting new partnership, Nick Barrucci, the head honcho over at Dynamite, couldn’t contain his enthusiasm, saying, “Warner Bros. has been at the heart of entertainment for a whopping hundred years, with stories and franchises that have captured hearts worldwide. We’re over the moon to breathe new life into these iconic tales, delivering fresh stories to the fans.”

The first comic to pounce onto the scene is none other than Thundercats, scheduled to drop in February. The series will be brought to life by Declan Shalvey, who’s wielding the pen, and Drew Moss, the artistic genius behind the illustrations. For those Thundercats aficionados, you’ll know that these brave felines have graced comic pages before – they’ve even had epic face-offs with the likes of He-Man and DC Comics characters. But this time, it’s going deeper into the “deep mythos” of the show. Prepare to be refreshed while still hanging onto what made the show legendary.

Now, Lion-O remains the main focus, but he won’t be hogging all the action. The Thundercats gang will have their furry paws full dealing with new sci-fi challenges on the so-called “new” Third Earth. But there’s a twist – Mumm-Ra The Ever Living is back and ready to unleash his evil schemes once more. Cue dramatic music.

As for the other series in the works, the info is as elusive as a ninja cat. No release dates or creative teams yet, but Dynamite assures us that not all of the adaptations will follow the monthly comic schedule. In other words, prepare for the unexpected!

So, gear up for a wild ride back to the ’80s and the city of Townsville, because it’s time to relive the magic of Thundercats and Powerpuff Girls – only this time, it’s on the pages of Dynamite Comics. Thundercats #1 is set to drop in February 2024, and until then, let’s just keep chanting “Thundercats…HO!!!!” for good luck.

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