20 Vash the Stampede Anime Quiz Questions: How Well Do You Know the Humanoid Typhoon?

Vash the Stampede Quiz, the enigmatic gunslinger with a heart of gold (and a penchant for doughnuts), has captivated fans of the classic anime and manga “Trigun” for decades. With his iconic red coat and mysterious past, Vash has become a beloved figure in the world of pop culture. But just how well do you know this legendary gunslinger? Test your knowledge with these 20 Vash the Stampede questions, sprinkled with a dash of humor, and see if you’re a true “Trigun” aficionado!

Vash the Stampede Anime Quiz

Vash the Stampede Anime Quiz Questions

  1. What’s Vash’s preferred weapon?
    A) A bazooka
    B) A machine gun
    C) A mysterious smile
    D) A giant spoon
  2. Vash is known by which nickname?
    A) The Human Hurricane
    B) The Humanoid Typhoon
    C) The Dust Devil
    D) The Tornado Cowboy
  3. What is the true identity of Vash’s red sunglasses?
    A) Fashion statement
    B) Ordinary eyewear
    C) Hidden laser guns
    D) Prescription lenses
  4. What does Vash refuse to use when facing his enemies?
    A) His wit
    B) His charm
    C) His guns
    D) His appetite for doughnuts
  5. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Vash?
    A) A pacifist
    B) A crack shot
    C) A doughnut enthusiast
    D) A master chef
  6. What is the name of Vash’s twin brother?
    A) Knives
    B) Spoons
    C) Forks
    D) Butterknives
  7. Where does most of the “Trigun” series take place?
    A) Mars
    B) Earth
    C) A distant planet
    D) An intergalactic saloon
  8. Who often chases after Vash, attempting to bring him to justice?
    A) Sheriff John Brown
    B) Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson
    C) A pack of wild dogs
    D) A group of doughnut enthusiasts
  9. What is the favorite snack of Vash the Stampede?
    A) Potato chips
    B) Jelly beans
    C) Ramen
    D) Doughnuts
  10. Vash’s signature catchphrase is:
    A) “Time to draw!”
    B) “Love and Peace!”
    C) “This town ain’t big enough!”
    D) “Yeehaw!”
  11. What is Vash’s main goal throughout the series?
    A) To find buried treasure
    B) To avenge his family
    C) To protect innocent lives
    D) To win a doughnut-eating contest
  12. What organization does Vash work for undercover?
    A) The FBI
    B) The Insurance Society
    C) The Baker’s Guild
    D) The Bounty Hunter’s Association
  13. What is the name of Vash’s trusty revolver?
    A) Betsy
    B) Ruby
    C) Marilyn
    D) Amelia
  14. What’s Vash’s real name?
    A) Victor
    B) Vincent
    C) Vash
    D) Vasquez
  15. What is the source of Vash’s mysterious powers?
    A) Alien technology
    B) Magic
    C) Cybernetic enhancements
    D) A strict diet of doughnuts
  16. Vash’s preferred method of transportation is:
    A) A motorcycle
    B) A horse
    C) A giant rubber duck
    D) A donkey
  17. How does Vash’s bounty increase throughout the series?
    A) He keeps getting into trouble
    B) It’s a clerical error
    C) It decreases
    D) He doesn’t have a bounty
  18. What is the secret behind Vash’s cheerful demeanor?
    A) He’s secretly a clown
    B) He’s a master of meditation
    C) He’s just really good at faking it
    D) He’s had too many doughnuts
  19. What item does Vash always carry with him?
    A) A pocket watch
    B) A harmonica
    C) A lucky charm
    D) A doughnut-shaped pendant
  20. Who created the “Trigun” series?
    A) Yasuhiro Nightow
    B) Hayao Miyazaki
    C) Masashi Kishimoto
    D) Rumiko Takahashi

Vash the Stampede Anime Quiz Answers

  1. C) A mysterious smile
  2. B) The Humanoid Typhoon
  3. C) Hidden laser guns
  4. C) His guns
  5. B) A crack shot
  6. A) Knives
  7. B) Earth
  8. B) Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson
  9. D) Doughnuts
  10. B) “Love and Peace!”
  11. C) To protect innocent lives
  12. B) The Insurance Society
  13. A) Betsy
  14. B) Vincent
  15. A) Alien technology
  16. A) A motorcycle
  17. B) It’s a clerical error
  18. C) He’s just really good at faking it
  19. B) A harmonica
  20. A) Yasuhiro Nightow


Congratulations, you’ve completed the Vash the Stampede quiz! Whether you aced it or need to brush up on your “Trigun” knowledge, one thing’s for sure: Vash’s adventures are a wild ride filled with humor, action, and a whole lot of love and peace. So, grab your doughnuts, put on your red coat, and join Vash in spreading the message of peace throughout the desert wasteland!

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