Vishal Gondal’s Advice: Keeping Expectations in Check for FAU-G Domination

nCore Games is a prominent Indian video games development company known for its contributions to the gaming industry. Founded by Vishal Gondal and Dayanidhi MG. nCore Games has gained recognition for its focus on creating games that cater to the Indian gaming community. The mission of the company is to develop high quality games and that resonate with Indian gamers while also appealing to a global audience.

One of nCore Games’ most notable releases is “FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards” This action-adventure game was introduced as an alternative to the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile, which was banned in India in 2020. FAU-G aims to celebrate the heroism of Indian soldiers and provides players with a unique gaming experience inspired by real-life events faced by these brave soldiers. The game received significant attention and support upon its release, contributing to nCore Games’ reputation as a key player in the Indian gaming industry.

AdditionallynCore Games has expanded its portfolio to include titles like “FAU-G Domination” a sequel to the original FAU-G game and continues to work on projects that cater to various gaming genres and preferences.

The company’s commitment to creating games that resonate with Indian culture and values sets it apart in the gaming industry. nCore Games has been instrumental in promoting the growth of the Indian gaming ecosystem and showcasing the talent and creativity of Indian game developers on a global scale.

Vishal Gondal’s Wisdom: Setting the Right Bar for FAU-G Domination

Vishal Gondal's Wisdom
Vishal Gondal’s Wisdom (Fau-G)

In a recent statement, Vishal Gondal, co-founder of nCore Games, offered some advice to eager gamers eagerly anticipating the release of FAU-G Domination. He urged players to approach the game with modest expectations and avoid drawing comparisons with high-budget international titles that boast multi-million dollar budgets.

FAU-G Domination, the sequel to 2021’s FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards, has been developed in collaboration with dot9games. This new installment boasts a revamped engine, multiplayer features, and various other enhancements, all designed to enhance the gaming experience. However, Gondal stressed that it’s unfair to judge their efforts against the vast resources poured into global gaming IPs.

During a recent appearance on the Penta Podcast, Vishal Gondal addressed the issue of player expectations. He noted that when FAU-G was first revealed, some gamers expressed disappointment due to the absence of first-person shooter elements and firearms. However, when FAU-G Domination was introduced, a game featuring gunplay, it faced criticism for appearing similar to other well-known titles like Call of Duty and CS:GO.

Vishal Gondal countered these criticisms by highlighting that this similarity is primarily due to the shared genre among these games. He pointed out that even Call of Duty, a globally renowned franchise, drew inspiration from Quake, which itself took cues from Wolfenstein 3D. He emphasized that FAU-G Domination is a game crafted for their own enjoyment and that it will stand as a significant milestone in the history of Indian gaming.

According to Vishal Gondal, one of the distinctive aspects of FAU-G is its celebration of Indian soldiers, a theme that sets it apart from games like CS:GO or BGMI. The game’s unique selling point lies in its capacity to establish an emotional connection with Indian players by featuring relatable characters and paying tribute to the nation’s military heroes.

In summary, Vishal Gondal advises gamers to temper their expectations and not to unfairly compare FAU-G Domination to high-budget international titles. He highlights the game’s unique focus on Indian soldiers and emotional connection with players as its standout features.

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